iPhone Visio Stencil 2.0 (Yahoo)

iPhone Visio Stencil 2.0 (Yahoo)

It took long time but new version of iPhone Visio stencil 2.0 is HERE, successor of popular Yahoo stencil 1.1! I added more than 50 new UI controls, for example iPhone 5, map package, action sheet, new button types and so on. There are also some bug fixes based on your feedback and support for new MS Visio 2013. Support for Visio stencil *.vss file format is commonplace. If you like my work you can support me by donating, thank you 🙂

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iPhone Visio Stencil 2.0 (Yahoo) – Preview of Stencil
New Components
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5 (transparent background)
  • iPhone 4 (transparent background)
  • iPhone 3GS (transparent background)
  • iPhone UI (landscape)
  • Menu (left slide)
  • Map
  • Map (landscape)
  • Page Curl for Map
  • Page Curl for Map (landscape)
  • Navigation Top Bar on Map
  • Message Info Bubble on Map
  • Route Direction on Map Framework
    • Current Position in Map
    • Current Position with Orientation in Map
    • Current Position with Perimeter in Map
    • Current Position with Perimeter and Orientation in Map
    • Start Pin
    • End Pin
    • Route with Direction Pins
    • Route Element
  • Number Badge Single
  • Number Badge Decimal
  • Action Sheet
    • With primary action
    • With primary and secondary action
    • Modal sheet with primary action
    • Modal sheet with primary and secondary action
    • Modal sheet with text and primary action
    • Modal sheet with long text and primary action
  • Segmented Control (two)
  • Segmented Control (three) in Top Bar
  • Segmented Control (three) in Content Area
  • Table Rows with Image Placeholder
  • Table Rows with Detail Text and Image Placeholder
  • Switch On/Off Rounded (iOS 6 style)
  • Contact Form in Address Book
    • Add Photo
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Company
  • Stepper Button
  • Address Book Button
  • Favorite Button
  • Favorite Button (selected)
  • Current Position Button
  • Current Position Button (selected)
  • Page Curl Button
  • Facebook log-in button
  • Twitter log-in button
  • Cancel button
  • Secondary action button
  • Top Search Bar
  • Top Search Bar with Button
  • Popup Dialog – it is resizable now
  • Keyboard’s Buttons – fixed problem with borders
  • Notification Bar – fixed problem with borders
  • Fixed problems with drop shadow for components.
  • Compatible with Visio 2013

10 thoughts on “iPhone Visio Stencil 2.0 (Yahoo)

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    • Yes, these iPhones are just images. So, I removed background on iPhone image in Photoshop and then inserted it to Visio. Hopes it will help 🙂

  2. This is very helpful! Thank you for sharing.

    And a quick (dumb) question…. looking at the Top Bar stencil, is there an easy way to edit the “Panel Label” text? I see that I can easily edit text for Cancel and Done, but I have trouble selecting the “Panel Label” text to edit it. I did find that I could do several ungroups and get to it.

    Thank you again!

    • There are two ways… 1st ungroup Top Bar as you wrote and 2nd just click repeatedly until text inside Top Bar become selected then one more click and you will get to edit mode of text. Let me know if you have some other questions. Are you planning to use for your iPhone app? 🙂

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