Just spit it out

Spit all your thoughts from travelling in time out!

We did not hit it off so I sent Shinigami to her.

The new elephant has had to set you back a bit.

Tiger really lays about donkey on a bit thick that he can fly

Keny was really cut up that he did not die in this episode.

The page 63 was putting page 101 on.

After two days missing in Gotham city I would not put it past him to find.

"Cut it out. Stop sniffing around my carrots," said Mr. Rabbit.

I have got to hand it to them that they have found oranges in Antarctica.

They are coming! Fire away to fire from bows!

Get away! I do not believe you that you are alien. You have only five hands and everybody knows that true alien has four hands.

P.S. Sleeping really takes it out of me. I am exhausted I must go to work to relax 😉

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