Glowing blood

It was the 21st October 2005. Heavy rain came down and solid mist wallowed in a horizon. I waited on train by Louvre. The station was empty and a speaker was saying that a train did not get in for another twenty minutes. So I got out a newspaper from my pocket and started to read. There was some news about a murder of a young girl in the first page. I do not like it when news like this gets to me. It always gets me down. I usually have a problem to get over it.
I raised my head and I saw a beautiful white dog on the tracks. I shouted to it but it did not go away. So I decided to make a step in the direction to it. At that moment bright like stroke me blind. When I opened my eyes I was in a white room. Everything was white and shone with light. I got around a table. I stood in front of a glowing bed. Some woman was lieing on the bed. She had a pure white dress. Everything was covered with red blood. I wanted to touch her. I condescend to her but suddenly the train passed me by and some guy asked me: "If I want to get on Montmartre should I get off at the next station? What? Yes, definitely." I got rid of that guy.
Suddenly I saw a woman in a red dress with tail of my eye. She looked like that woman. I did not know what to do?! "Get up honey, it is morning," said Sophia.

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