Diablo: Tales of Sanctury

As you probably know on November 23, 2011 the 1st issue of Diablo: Sword of Justice comics will be released by DC Comics. The comics take place in world of Sanctuary after events in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. It should give us insight to events between Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction and Diablo 3. But there is another comics from world of Sanctuary, Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary. The comic book was released on November 11, 2001 almost 10 years ago by Dark Horse. Creators are Phil Amara, Dave Land and Francisco Ruiz Velasco.

It contains three stories set in the world of the Sanctuary and takes place during events in Diablo: Lord of Destruction. The first story, Rage, is about Azgar the Druid in his struggle against Baal's minions. The second one, the Hand of Naz, tells the tale of a Barbarian, Renit the Dark Stalker, who allies with the Necromancer, Cairo, to find the artifact known as Hand of Naz. And last is Hatred's Bride, the story of Hale, a Paladin who saves a girl, Bay, from demons and seeks to protect her.

Personally I like world of Diablo, but stories in the comic book are really primitive. The book has only 64 pages, so it is about 20 pages for each story. It is too little. Stories have potential to be more interesting, but in given length it is almost impossible. So, I was really disappointed that Blizzard Entertainment allows to create this thing. Maybe Diablo: Sword of Justice will be better as it plans with five issues for whole story.

P.S. Read more on Diablo Wiki and you can buy it from Dark Horse, Amazon or simply find it on the internet 😉

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