iPhone Visio Stencil – Yahoo 1.1 Updated

UPDATE: New version of iPhone Visio stencil 2.0 is available, 50+ new UI controls!

Almost everybody of UX, Interaction, Graphics or Web Designers knows Stencil Kit from Yahoo. The problem is that Yahoo stencils are outdated and they are in wrong format for Visio. They are in format XML Drawing (*.vdx) which cannot be used as stencil. So, the result is that stencils are not usable.

So I decided to improve current stencil for iPhone and convert it to appropriate format, Stencil (*.vss). I added new elements – iPhone 4, loading popup, note, clear text, black version of Safari, I improved font size and weight, visual improvements of buttons etc. I send this improved version to Yahoo, so I hope that they will update their stencils. If you like my work you can support me by donating, thank you πŸ™‚

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List of changes:
New Elements:
  • iPhone 4
  • Safari – Black Version
  • Loading Popup
  • Note
  • Add Button
  • Loading Button
  • Refresh Button
  • Edit Button
  • Done Button
  • Cancel Button
  • Back Button
  • Place Holder
  • Clear Text
  • List of Options
  • New Forms
  • Scrollbar
  • Primary HTML Drop Button
  • Secondary HTML Drop Button
  • Create Visio Stencil (*.vss)
  • Font Size, Weight and Color
  • Button Framework
  • Picker
  • Copy & Paste of Elements
  • Graphics of Destructive Button
  • Tick