The Lost Glove Project

lost (lôst, lošst)
  • verb Past tense and past participle of lose.
  • adjective
  1. No longer in the possession, care, or control of someone or something: a lost pen.
  2. No longer in existence; vanished or spent: lost youth.
  3. No longer known or practiced: a lost art.
  4. Beyond reach, communication, or influence: The expedition was lost to the world for two months.
  5. Completely involved or absorbed; rapt: lost in thought.
  6. Bewildered or confused: I’m lost—can you start over?
  7. Not used to one’s benefit or advantage: a lost opportunity.
  8. Having not been or unlikely to be won; unsuccessful: a lost battle; a lost cause.
  9. Beyond recovery or redemption; fallen or destroyed: a lost soul.
glove (/glʌv/)
Show Spelled [gluhv] Show IPA noun, verb,gloved, glov·ing.
  • noun
  1. A piece of clothing which is worn on the hand and wrist for warmth or protection, with separate parts for each finger
  2. A covering for the hand made with a separate sheath for each finger and for the thumb.
  3. Boxing glove.
  4. Baseball glove.
  5. Gauntlet.

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