t-music Kryštof tour 2010 mini review

Do you want to experience a concert full of energy, passion and fun with your girlfriend? Then visit concert of band Kryštof from Ostrava during their tour t-music Kryštof tour 2010. They prepared tour of three concerts in Prague, Brno and Ostava to celebrate their new album Jeviště and their 5th album anniversary.

I have possibility to visit concert here in Prague with my girlfriend. There was more than 10 000 people and most of them women. The concert started with tones of their single Jeviště and audience could see only huge shadows of band’s members on a purple curtain. Members of band really enjoyed concert so, they made jokes during songs like calling on T-Mobile help line 🙂

The concert took more than two hours and I don’t count performance Xindl X before Kryštof. I would like to say something bad about performance but I can’t. Maybe if you really want to enjoy concert you should know lyrics.

If you are fan you will definitely go. If you want to spend romantic date this will be good part of it. This will be absolutely concert on which you will never forget so simply go 🙂

P.S. Images were taken from Kryštof ve smršti deseti tisíc emocí. Thanks.

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