Light in front of It

What is it time? I see two hands of a watch in the moonlight. I know that I am going about the It in totally way. I should wait on It and do not try finding It. As a bark of birch trees is lighting like lamps I can go ahead on my journey. The news about It did not go down very well. My nose tell me that air is fresh but I know that it is lie. The air went off a few hours ago. As time went by and I passed one another tree I knew that it is Ok if I am frightened.
I saw her dread in her eyes when I was closing them. It had to be horror which she went through. I can only go down with it. The wind is blowing and the branches of trees is going up and down. I am cold but I have a warm feeling on my waist. Yes, it is my hot blood. "You are winner. You got me. I have failed."

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