Windows 7 Activation Usability Issue

As my company is partner of Microsoft I have already access to RTM version of Windows 7. I can choose between Professional and Enterprise edition (both in 32 bit and 64 bit versions). I have chosen 64 bit Professional edition for my notebook HP Compaq nw8440. Installation was completed without problems but I was a little surprised that Windows did not want license key. So I suppose that we have prepared some custom image in our company.
After installation Windows downloaded driver for graphics card and sound card. Next day I got notification from Windows that activation failed due to DNS error. Maybe some problems with Microsoft's servers who knows? Our administrator was on holiday until end of week and I had following 29 days to repeat activation so, no problem.

Windows 7 Activation

After one week still same problem. It is quite weird. And the result: Windows was installed with some trial license key and tried to activate with this trial license key. It did not say that it is in trial mode and I have to change license key. It did not ask for change of license key it simply tried to activate. How can I know that I have trial license key if I get this message: "Error Code: 0x8007232B. Description: DNS name does not exist.". Usability is also about error messages and not only about taskbar and management of windows. Please do not forget on that Microsoft for next time.

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