Nabucco license

On Saturday 27.6. charity event Nabucco 2009 took place on Perštýnské square in Pardubice under open air. Šalda's theater from Liberec performed Giuseppe Verdi's opera Nabucco. Performance started one hour late due to rain. Even bad weather there were more than 1600 people. It was extraordinary experience to see and listen to opera under open air in Italian.
As I got information about this event a few minutes before start and my knowledge of Italian is zero I wanted to know story when I returned to home. So I looked on Czech Wikipedia for information about story. There was only basic information so I decided to look on official pages. There is section with story ("O hře") so I started to read. After some time I had a little weird feelings. It looked familiar to me. Yes, they only copied text from Czech version of Wikipedia 😉
Ok, a lot of people do this, also me. So where is reference? I tried to find reference to source but there was nothing. Yes, I know that Wikipedia's license allows you not to refer source. But I think that it is unprofessional and not good example, especial from charity event 🙂








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