The Browser Reinvented

My friend Petr and I have just reinvented browser. We are participating in Mozilla Design Challenge: Summer 09 with project The Browser Reinvented.

" …

The Tabs Browser Reinvented
All pages you view, in order to accomplish a task, are related. Be it researching something, reading email or looking for your next TV set. These tasks themselves are as countless as the web denizens themselves. Fortunately, the task categories aren't. We think there are 3:
  • Search – started by typing keyword(s) into the 'input area' (aka address bar) of the browser
  • Web Applications – software running inside your browser
  • Web Sites – favorite/well known web sites (you start by typing the site address or pick it from the sites you like)
… "

Are you curious? Read more on The Browser Reinvented, look at mockup or see video. If you are interested in our idea, please vote for our concept!

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