Burger King vs. McDonald’s

I not fan of hamburgers and fast-foods, but I decided to visit the first and still only one restaurant of Burger King in the Czech Republic. The restaurant is located in shopping center in Zličín in Prague. There is several fast-food restaurant like KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King etc. I ordered Whopper menu (Whopper, chips and Coke) for 110 CZK and onion rings for 35 CZK. 1 USD = 18.95 CZK (18.6.09).


The Coke was awful. Imediatelly I knew that it is really bad mix of water and sirup. It did not taste like Coke from bottle.
Burger King vs. McDonald’s – 0:1

Chips were good but they were not anything extraordinary. It was similar to McDonald’s. So tie.
Burger King vs. McDonald’s – 1:2

I do not know opponent for onion rings from McDonald’s. But they were really great. I felt onion but it was not too much strong. Crunchy dought and they did not have taste of oil.
Burger King vs. McDonald’s – 2:2

The Final Battle – Whopper vs. Big Mac
If I compare them from visual view, Whopper looks more like homemade hamburger. Big Mac looks like something from factory. There were really thick slices of fresh tomatoes and lettuce in Whopper (Big Mac has only sliced pieces of lettuce). But there is big difference in taste. In last time I taste oil and something like impersonal grill from Big Mac. On the other hand Whopper tasted almost like homemade hamburger and was really good.
Burger King vs. McDonald’s – 3:2


It looks that it was close. But it is not truth. Whopper is different league. Try it and you will know. If you can choose Whopper vs. Big Mac you should choose Whopper.

P.S. See Burger King at Metropole Zličín and Whopper Sacrifice. Images were taken from Wikipedia.

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