5 cm

It started snowing several hours ago and it is still snowing. She wrote me a letter that we must meet. There was nothing more, only the time and the place. I borrowed money fro a train from my friend Josuke. The train left the station after a 10 minute delay.

The train is standing still and I can see falling snow in the light of the lamps along the route. I still can not stop thinking about her. I did not take to her when I saw her for the first time. She was quite quiet and shy.

One day I needed some information for my essay so, I decided to do some research in the library. When I came to the library I saw her. I tried to find some books but I failed. So I decided to turn to her.

She was reading a book. I said hello. At that moment she raised her head. I did not know what happened but she took my breath away. I could not say anything, so much I was taken aback. She was looking at me but I could not take the words back. I only said: "Can You please help me to find something." She smiled and nodded.

We spent a lot of time later together. One day we went round a sakura. We were looking at the blossom leaves falling down and she suddenly said: "5 centimeters." I was taken in by her words and I only said: "What have You said?", and she: "5 centimeters. Have you known that the blossom leaves fall down with a velocity of 5 centimeters per a second?" After it she said that she must move house due to her parents who had moved for work. I felt that the whole world brought me down. It had to be brought on by a cruel fate but I did not know what to do.

The voice of the conductor brought me round from my memories. "We will be one hour delayed", he said. The sky was already clear and the moon came out in the sky. When the train arrived I stepped out and I saw her. She took my breath away and I knew it.

P.S. Based on Byousoku 5 Centimeter

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