Festival in madhouse

I visited theatre and music festival Mezi Ploty which takes place in area of asylum. I planed to visit Le baruffe chiozzotte (1762) ("The Chioggia Scuffles") performance from Carlo Goldoni. But before it I heard songs from Jana Lota. I have never heard about her but I was nice surprised. Le baruffe chiozzotte was perform by really young actors, but one guy was really great, full of emotions and passion (in white shirt on photos).

Then I saw some dance performance, e.g. dance group If. I really do not understand why people think that choreography of Leona Qaša Kvasnicová is something special. Girls move to rhythm of music but nothing more. Movements look too much learned, but the worst think is that I did not feel that I saw something new what I have never seen. But I think that there are better dance-directors based on other dance performances.

David Kraus was same like in TV. He is self-centred showman with primitive lyrics and awful English and my English is not good 😉 But I was again nice surprised with UDG. It was fresh and full of energy. Let’s dance 😉

But the most interesting was fashion show of Denida. Her dresses were inspired by music of some author (I am sorry I do not remember his name). I tried to close my eyes and image dress based on music and when I opened my eyes I knew it. Denida hit it quite often :-).

The were a lot of other things, like smithery, painting, unusual activities and sports, hookah and so on. I saw only small piece of festival but I was content. And so I am looking forward to next year.


P.S. So, maybe next time.

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