The Lord of the Rings Symphony

On the thursday 28th May I visited The Lord of the Rings Symphony from Howard Shore. This performance was part of 64th The Prague Spring International Festival. Shore sent only greetings and symphony was performed by Markus Hubert. Performance had six sentences divided to two parts (The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers + The Return of the King).

I had mixed feelings. Slower parts and non monumental parts was really great and I loved them. Kühn Children's Choir was really fantastic, but soloist Tobiáš Fanta was weaker. It looks that he had problems with it. But woman soloist Ann de Renais was great.

But the biggest problem was that passages which should be monumental, like Isengard Unleashed, simply were not. Maybe it is only may problem, but I expected something really monumental.


P.S. The best thing was guy next to me. He come only for the first part of symphony and he drank his Red Bull pet 🙂

One thought on “The Lord of the Rings Symphony

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