Wubi nightmare

My friend suggested me to try new Ubuntu 9.04 because there should be some interesting usability improvements. As Ubuntu chose way of evolution instead of revolution (I hope Microsoft also understood that sometimes evolution is better than revolution 😉 ) I was really interested. As I did not want to switch to Ubuntu I decided to try Live CD.

Wubi (Windows-based Ubuntu Installer) is an official Windows-based free software installer for Ubuntu. There are several blog posts about Wubi like Wubi ubuntu installer and Wubi. It should be so easy :). I boot to Windows Vista and start Wubi. I chose option for Live CD. Wizard move me to next page and suggested me to restart PC later. Why wizard suggests me to restart LATER? I  wanted to run Ubuntu from Live CD now. So, I choose restart now. But wizard only restarted itself and PC did not restart. So I thought that it was probably only some glitch. So, I repeated steps again, but with same result. Restart Wubi did not help. So, I manually restarted PC.


But Ubuntu did not booted from Live CD even I explicitly chose to boot from CD. So, I decided to install support for boot from Live CD. But installation ended with "writelines() argument must be a sequence of strings" error. It is documented bug 365642 and should be fixed now. But how they could release with this bug?! And is it really only Medium bug when it causes problems on all non English Windows?! But I was really shocked that installation did not clean after himself and let all mess on disk. What the bloody hell is it?


I decided to use Wubi and install Ubuntu directly to Windows. Wubi requested at least 4012 MB. I do not understand why this weird size ;). But then he offered me 3GB installation possibility ;). It looks that everything is prepared to installation. So, I chose "Install" ("Nainstalovat"). But installer say "No, You must fill Password ("Heslo")". But how could I know it, password is not marked as required field. I filled password and started installation. And the result. It finished same as installation of support for boot ;).


At the end I know what is difference among Windows, MacOS and Ubuntu 😉 So, I was only able to test Wubi.

P.S. I tried to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my flash disk. And result, it did not boot again from USB disk. But now it was on different PC with Windows XP SP2. So, maybe I will try Ubuntu again later, but I was really disappointed. Maybe windows are not perfect systems but I have never had similar problems. But I am going to switch to MacOS X 10.6 from Windows Vista in summer.

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