Sun rise

Jane was behaving very weirdly for the whole day. She walked around the house and collected items. E.g. she took a crucifix and said: "It will come in handy tonight." I had a fear that she went mad. "Jane, come on! It is high time you come up with truth. Do you see this beautiful wooden pale, I came across it in the shed." She made me crazy. She was very upset when a night came down. Suddenly Jane started yelling and screaming. I did not know come over her. I felt cold suddenly. He had pale face . "It is a beautifull night Mr. Johnes, isn't it?", he said and I fainted. When I came round the sun had already come up. She kept my head in her knee and said: "Everything will be all right!" I calmed down when suddenly two spots came out on her neck.

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