I want You, Cinema!

As I have TOEIC exam tomorrow I decided to travel to Prague already on Sunday. I took my favourite red t-shirt (I have suit in Prague :-)), upload Greatest Hits from Sasha to iPod and was in great mood :-).


I stood in train for all way, but I don't have problem with it. Almost at the end of may way I so Her. She looked at me and we looked direct to eyes. I was totally confused what I should do? Why am I so shy?! She was so pretty and hot. She had blue t-shirt with some title, had some thin book and it looks that she tryed learn something. She sat in box and I stood in line. I looked at her then several times and she return her view to me sometimes. When the train stopped I got out of train and decided that I try to wait. I waited but she passed me and didn't look at me so, I went. Damm it, I should have done something. And so, my life continues without her. Damm it again.

P.S. I thought over Her and I think that She is similar to one girl who I saw one month ago in cinema (she was likely manager of that cinema). But she had only small backpack and notebook in train. So, maybe I visit cinema on friday 🙂

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